The introduce of Accurate grinding

The purpose of accurate grinding. On the one hand, the depth of concave-convex layer and crack layer on the surface of the workpiece is reduced, that is, the roughness of the required surface of the parts is reached. On the other hand, the precision of the curvature radius of the workpiece surface is further improved to ensure that the parts reach the surface precision and dimensional accuracy needed before polishing. Therefore, the key control items of fine grinding can be analyzed from the purpose of fine grinding: aperture, center thickness, appearance. It is often believed that the smaller the surface roughness of fine grinding, the better for polishing, but this is not entirely true. To measure the surface structure of fine grinding, there are two main indicators: crack layer depth and concave-convex layer depth, crack layer depth determines the thickness of the material to be removed and affects the polishing time; The depth of concave-convex layer determines the glaze degree of polishing die and directly affects the polishing rate.

So know more about the accurate grinding technology is helpful for supplier to adjust the manufacturing techinique.

Post time: Sep-07-2022