Team Tourism

Our company pays attention to not only staff’s efforts but also staff’s physical and psychological health. For example, our company will organize sports meet to let staff exercise. Last year, all staff participle the sports meet. During the sports meet, we have set several sports events. Besides 4*50 relay race, there are also tug of war, 100m running race and knowledge quiz about sports.
Except sports meet, our company will also organize team tourism. Last year, we went to ZHOUSHAN together. In our group, there were 26 staffs that participle the tourism. First, we took the bus to zhoushan. It took about four hours to get there. At about 1 o’clock, we took the lunch. After the lunch, we started to climb the mountain and visit the scenery. After about 2 hours, we got the top of the mountain. And then, we took the photos. Resting about half an hour, we went back.
Then, we went to scenic area of Wu Shi Tang. In this area, we saw many black and light cobblestones. And we also took a boat to visit the lake.
In the night, we had time to do free activities. We went to seaside and played games. However, several people choosed to visit night market. As for staff that went to seaside, they played sand and even tried to catch the crab.
The next day, we went to Putuo mountain. We visit the representative stone such as the stone like heart. The most important scene is the temple and bamboo grove.
After visiting, we went back to Hangzhou. What a great trip.


Post time: Jun-18-2020