Plane lapping polishing

The grinding process of the hard alloy raw material workpiece is roughly the same as that of the hardened steel workpiece, which is also divided into several steps, such as pre-machining, rough grinding, semi-finishing grinding and finishing grinding before grinding. However, because the characteristics of the hard alloy material are relatively hard, there will be some differences in the selection of abrasive materials for the fine grinding and polishing machine. Green silicon carbide grinding wheel or boron carbide is used for pre-machining before grinding. The coarse grinding is made of boron carbide grinding powder to carry on; Diamond grinding powder is used for semi-fine grinding and fine grinding.

There are many ways to process a hard alloy workpiece before grinding. For example, grinding, electrolytic grinding, abrasive rough grinding, and ultrasonic processing are able to reach the role of pre-processing, and more often selected is grinding and abrasive grinding with boron carbide rough grinding processing. Its production power is relatively low, so the grinding powder of boron carbide is often used to carry out rough grinding method for mass production.

Post time: Nov-24-2022