New delivery of escalator

Recently, our company has finished a new escalator for customer. This project has taken 10 monthes to produce. This escalator contains 9 main parts. The lay of the UP hoisting device, the gantry guide rail, the UP hoisting device, the middle car, the DOWN doisting device the gantry car, the middle car the screen and the lay of the DOWN hoisting device. The Guide rail adopts SHS45C heavy load line, more suitable for customer. For this new escalator, engineer adds the function of data sharing. The Portrait Moving Signal from the Survey Instrument Enter the bus module, after dealing with Signal Amplifier, at the same time the bus module through enter net, IP agreement to get live communication with PLC, after comparing, accounting and judging, finally, getting the live data. UP monitor gets the PLC data like survey result, limited data and alarm value are showed on PC through graph and data.

Post time: Aug-16-2022