It is estimated that by the end of 2028, the slitter rewinder market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9%

In recent years, the pace of development of the converter industry is considered an obvious factor that has increased the scope of investment opportunities for converter companies. In addition, the market research intelligence recently released by Future Market Insights predicts that the continuously increasing demand for advanced and technologically advanced product quality will continue to improve the sales prospects of slitting rewinders in the near future.
In the recent period, the increased deployment of high-end conversion machines may still be an important factor driving the deployment opportunities of slitter rewinders worldwide.
At present, the slitter rewinder market accounts for more than 50% of total revenue, and the center rewinder type continues to dominate. According to the report, although low prices have been the main driving force for sales growth of this type of slitting rewinder for many years, revenue growth in this segment is likely to remain slow in the next few years.
However, it is reported that due to relatively good control of the tension generated by the coiled material, it is expected that the surface rewinder and center surface rewinder types of the slitter rewinder will quickly gather.
Demand for high-speed rewinding continued to increase, which subsequently drove the sale of slitting rewinders operating at speeds above 800 m/min. This is still the best-selling part of the speed category in the slitting rewinder field and currently accounts for more than 40% of the total market value.

Post time: Jan-29-2021