Eliminate voltage-free testing-occupational health and safety

For more than a decade, thousands of users have deployed permanent electrical safety equipment (PESD) to reduce their risk of isolating electrical energy. This innovation greatly reduces the possibility of workers suffering from dangerous electric shocks because they will reconfirm “zero voltage” when they have not conducted a voltage test.
There is no doubt that the highest risk task for qualified electrical workers is to create an electrically safe working environment.  Over the past decade, a deeper understanding of arc flash energy has highlighted the risks of health and safety managers withstand voltage. Since then, many Fortune 1000 companies have alleviated this by installing hundreds of thousands of PESDs in electrical equipment as part of their safety plans to isolate electrical energy during lockout/tagout (LOTO). risk. The proven PESD installation procedure combined with the LOTO procedure greatly reduces the possibility of workers being exposed to voltage when creating electrical safe working conditions.

Post time: Jan-19-2021