Congratulations on the new website of Hangzhou Hongli Machinery Co., Ltd. officially launched!

The company was established in August 2002 and currently has more than 70 employees and 8 technical centers. The company is located in Linpu Town Industrial Park, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, one kilometer away from the Linpu Exit of the Hangjinqu Highway next to the 03 East Provincial Highway. The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of digital slitting machines, non-standard equipment, escalator assembly production lines, and parts processing.

Business philosophy: quality, service, innovation and efficiency.

The company's existing high-precision advanced equipment is as follows:

1. Jiangsu multi-edge CNC milling machine; XYZ three-axis travel 5500×2500×1200 ㎜
2. Taiwan Longmen Machining Center VB3020; XYZ three-axis travel 3000×2000×1000 ㎜.
3. One domestic-made Nadike gantry machining center: XYZ three-axis travel 2500×1500×1000 ㎜
4. One domestically produced Nadik VMC1890; XYZ three-axis travel 1800×900×750 ㎜.
5. Taiwan Lijia MCV1160; XYZ three-axis travel 1100×600×650 ㎜.
6. TK6411B Hanchuan CNC boring and milling machine; XYZ three-axis travel 1500×1300×1200 ㎜.
7. A laser tracker imported from the United States API: measuring 50 meters in diameter. Accuracy 0.05 ㎜
8. One gantry grinder from Nantong; XYZ three-axis travel 3000×2000×1200 ㎜
9. One milling mill in Nantong Xinchang, Jiangsu; XYZ three-axis travel 3000×2000×1200 ㎜;
10. One X50 digital display universal mill made in Japan; XYZ three-axis travel 1200×400×300 ㎜;
11. Three ZJ3050 rocker drilling machines from Zhongjie;
12. One M7140 flat mill from Hangzhou;
13. Two domestic CK6150/6140 CNC lathes; two CA6140/6150 ordinary lathes from Shenyang;
14. Two Taiwan-made KTM--3S universal milling machines;
15. Two sets of Zhejiang Deli DL-400 sawing machines;
16. One BYJIN laser cutting machine from Switzerland, XY two-axis travel 3000×2000 ㎜;
17. One BYSTRONIC Swiss laser cutting machine, XY two-axis travel 3000×1500;
18. Eight domestic carbon dioxide protection welding machines; four argon arc welding machines;
19. One CNC bending machine produced by Jiangsu Yawei, L=4000 meters
20. One Sanli shearing machine made in Zhejiang, L=4000 meters;
21. A number of auxiliary equipment such as leveling machine, rolling machine and straightening machine.

Note: 1. The current cooperation client units are: Japan Toshiba Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Japan (TCC) Tokyu Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Hangzhou Shangyi Machinery Co., Ltd.; Taiwan Youjia International Holdings and other well-known enterprises; Zhejiang Zhongkong Solar Technology Co., Ltd.; Space Research Institute of Zhejiang University; Otis Electromechanical Elevator Company (Hangzhou/Guangzhou/Czech Republic/India OTIS), etc.

Post time: Jun-17-2020