After-sales service team of Slitter Machine

At present, the  process of our company’s after-sales service team is very impeccable. In order to provide the perfect service to customer, our company set the after-sales service team to solve this difficulty. Generally, after our company’s engineers have installed a slitter machine, after-sales service team will make the effort. During the daily running, customer usually will meet difficulties. When this problem happens, our company’s after-sales service team will first contact customer record the details and then communicate the problem with our engineer. If the problem can be solve by the remote connection, our engineer will contact customer at once and then guide the workder to reset the parameter. But if the problem is intractable, our company will arrange engineer go to customer’s factory to maintain the machine.

In order to help customer save more time and don’t interfere the working, our company’s after-sales team commits to improve the abilities to help solve the problem faster.

Post time: Jun-07-2022