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Electrical control function 
There are two modes. The first model is normal model, and the second mode is maintenance mode. It is normal mode when all the non-repair plugs in the upper and lower machine room are inserted. The escalator is started buy the staff with a key when no one is in it. The staff presses the stop button to stop the escalator. When the key signal received, it is started and runs at rated speed. Unplug one of the non-repair plugs and insert the repair box into the repair mode. The user can use the repair box to open the ladder. There can only be one service box in the upper and lower machine room. If two service boxes are inserted at the same time, the elevator cannot be started. 
Pedal could use whole aluminum alloy die cast or stainless steel cascade. Because it has light weight, high precision and beautiful appearance. And the stepped roller is made of high strength imported polyurethane. 
The step drive chain adopts spray paint to prevent rust. The inclined section is supported by the middle guide rail support plate. The middle guide rail support plate is made of CNC equipment. The middle guide rail is made of profile, galvanized anti-rust. 
Drive and tensioning device are all sprocket. Drive sprocket requires gear teeth to be synchronized. The drive tensioning shaft should be parallel. And the apron board also plays the role of preventing deviation. It also acts as a counter rail, preventing the steps from tumbling and sliding down.

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