2m-6m High speed slitting machine

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High speed slitting machine
In order to meet the needs of the market, we have developed such large-scale slitters. High speed slitting machine can cut 2 meters to 6 meters wide packaging materials, such as BOPP/CPP/OPP/PET/PE/PVC and so on.
Machine features
Adopt Siemens servo motor and Siemens motion controller to provide stable tension control
Optimized structure, convenient online operating system, and can be connected to the Internet of Things for remote control
Based on the main control system, there are fewer nodes and higher reliability
Cylinder controlled unwinding active unwinding
Can be customized according to customer requirements, a variety of configurations are available.
Hangzhou Hongli Machinery has been engaging in cons trusting machines for more than ten years, also with experiences more than ten years. We introduce advanced machining and controlling technology from Germany, purchase precise CNC machining equipment, train experienced mechanical engineers, based on all, we grow to an enterprise that can professionally develop intelligent high-speed slitter depending on customer’s requirements, to provide high performance, high value equipment.
SP series initiative multi-functional digital slitter
Modern machines must be capable of hand ever more complex Motion Control tasks and performing them with increasing accuracy and speed. In regard to this requirement, the SIMOTION Motion Control System and high-performance SINAMICS S120 drive system form a perfect team. The SIMOTION Motion Control System, which is physically integrated in the SINAMICS S120 drive, is the ideal solution for machines with a large number of axes and stringent precision requirements. SINAMICS S120 drive system is a modular system for high-performance applications in machine and plant engineering.

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