2m-6m high speed slitting machine

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High speed slitting machine is composed of unwinding mechanism, cutting mechanism, winding mechanism, each function roller and tension control rectifying control and detection device. The working principle is as follows: the metallized film raw materials released from the unwinding mechanism enter the cutting mechanism through the flattening roller, tension detection roller, enabling roller and deviation correction system. After the raw materials are cut, the rewinding mechanism will rewind them into film rolls conforming to the standards.
Reasonable structure
Simple operation
High-precision cutting
Material loss less
Siemens Simotion Control System
Machine Characteristics
Overhead frame construction, convenient web path, easy for operation.
Field-based main control system, less connection points, high reliability.
Imported brake to supply constant tension control, shaftless unwinding chucks blocked by pneumatic cylinder, safer and faster.
Siemens servo motor and Siemens Simotion motion controller make sure automatic tension control.
Accurate coiling tension taper curve system.
Materials to be processed
Technical films, packaging film soft and hard films, papers, laminates, non-woven and composition materials.
Covering from 2m to 6m intelligent high-speed slitting machine, with advanced structure design, have high-speed, high efficiency, high precision, high reliability. Human machine interface and easy for operation advantages, and the harmony joint of controlling software and mechanical design, the overall product performance has reached to international advanced level. Our slitting machine is not only one of the favorite choices in domestic first-class enterprises but also find it’s place in advanced countries and Asian neighboring Countries.
High speed slitting machine belongs to customized machine. According to customer’s different demand, our engineer group will give a plan. So our high speed slitting machine is more precision and more flexible.

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