1.6m melt-blown fabric production line

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Genera Introduction
*This production line consist of single screw extruder, melt-blown extrusion mold, transmission belt, winding machine...etc.
*It’s full automatic from material feeding to final melt blown fabric rolling , mature technology, stable running, PFE can reach 95 and above.
*Production capacity from 1500kg, the exact production capacity depends on extruder machine and melt blown mold size.
Technical Parameter
1.Model: HL-1600
2.Production Type: Vertical Blow Downward
3.Voltage: 380V/3P/50Hz
4.Applied Material: PP
5.Product Width: 1600MM
6.Production Capacity: 1500KG/24Hours
7.Designed Max. Speed:15M/Minute
8.Total Power:600KW
9.Machine Dimension(LXWXH): 14X5.5X4.5M
Configuration List:
1.90 Single Screw Extrusion:1set
2.Vacuum Hopper: 1set
3.Air Pre-heat Device
4.Metering Pump
5.1860MM Spinneret
6.Net Charger with Hydraulic Double Pillow Non-Stop Type
7.Electrostatic Electret Device
8.Servo unwinding and cutting device
9.Roots blower and suction Fan system
10.Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Device
11.Siemens PLC controlling system.
Service After Sales:
1.Installation Video Support, and video live communication in case adjustment has small problem. 
2.Free Spare Parts: Some Worn parts like connector, heating plate, etc.
3.Whole Machine Warranty: one year

Customized direct injection and reciprocating melt-blown production lines for customers with specifications ranging from 400mm-1600mm. The reciprocating production line can be used not only for the production of melt-blown fabrics, but also for the production of liquid filter materials and air filter materials. Liquid filter materials are mostly used in the fields of water treatment, petroleum and chemical industry, with uniform structure, high filtration accuracy, obvious effect, and strong pollution holding capacity and long service life. Air filter materials are mostly used in air purification systems, including but not limited to indoor air purification, automotive air conditioning filtration, etc. It has the advantages of high efficiency and high dust capacity.
This machine can not only make production of liquid filter materials, but also non-woven that is very thick. By changing the distant of the moving back and forth, also the speed, the reciprocating production line can make the non-woven to be thicker. Then, this material could be used to make warm cloth, to make the quilt and other thing to keep people warm.
Wonderfully, recent days, our company’s engineers are planning to make the water accepting layer of Baby diapers. And they have got the wonderful success. The production that the reciprocation production line made can easily imbibe the water. So the function of our reciprocating production line is varied. In the coming days, our company’s technical group will develop more function of the reciprocating production line.
Besides melt-blown fabric production line, face mask machine is also our company’s production. According to customer’s demand, our company could provide different type of mask making machine.

Reciprocating production line prototype

Customized 400-1200mm reciprocating melt-blown fabric production line



Prototype of direct injection net chain production line:

Customized 400-600mm net chain melt-blown fabric production line

Enlarged view of spinning die



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