1.2m melt-blown fabric production line

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Customized direct injection and reciprocating meltblown production lines for customers with specifications ranging from 400mm-1600mm. The reciprocating production line can be used not only for the production of meltblown fabrics, but also for the production of liquid filter materials and air filter materials. Liquid filter materials are mostly used in the fields of water treatment, petroleum and chemical industry, with uniform structure, high filtration accuracy, obvious effect, and strong pollution holding capacity and long service life. Air filter materials are mostly used in air purification systems, including but not limited to indoor air purification, automotive air conditioning filtration, etc. It has the advantages of high efficiency and high dust capacity.

The technological principle of melting spray
Melt-blown non-woven process is to use high speed hot air to draw the thin flow of polymer melt extruding from the spinneret hole of die head, from which the ultrafine fibers are formed and condensed on the setting screen or roller, and then become non-woven by self-bonding.

A whole melt-blown fabric production line contains a screw extruder, a gear pump, a melt pipe, a melt-out die head, an air heater, a suction device, one receive net, a filter, a set of electrostatic electret and one set of automatic slitting and rewinding machine. Among these parts, the most important one is the melt-out die head.
The polymer melts distribution system. This system ensures that the polymer melt flows uniformly in the length direction of the melt nozzle and has a uniform retention time, so as to ensure that the melt nozzle non-woven has a more uniform property in the whole width. At present, coating-type polymer melt distribution system is mainly used in melt spray process. Because the T-type distribution system can’t evenly distribute the fluid. And the uniformity of molten spray is closely related to the melt-out die head. Generally, the machining precision of melt die is high, so the die is expensive to manufacture. As for the air heater, the melt-blown fabric production line needs a lot of hot air. The compressed air output from the air compressor is transferred to the air heater for heating after dehumidification filtration, and then to the melt injection mold assembly. Air heater is a pressure vessel, and at the same time to resist the oxidation of high temperature air, so the material must be stainless steel.


Reciprocating production line prototype

Customized 400-1200mm reciprocating melt-blown fabric production line





Prototype of direct injection net chain production line:

Customized 400-600mm net chain melt-blown fabric production line

Enlarged view of spinning die


Genera Introduction
*This production line consist of single screw extruder, melt-blown extrusion mold, transmission belt, winding machine...etc.
*It’s full automatic from material feeding to final melt blown fabric rolling , mature technology, stable running, PFE can reach 95 and above.
*Production capacity from 280kg~300kg, the exact production capacity depends on extruder machine and melt blown mold size.

Technical Parameter
1.Model: HL-1200
2.Production Type: Reciprocating & Vertical Blow Downward
3.Voltage: 380V/3P/50Hz
4.Applied Material: PP
5.Product Width: 1200MM
6.Production Capacity: 280~300KG/24Hours
7.Designed Max. Speed:5M/Minute
8.Total Power:60KV
9.Machine Dimension(LXWXH): 7X6X4M

Configuration List:
1.55 Single Screw Extrusion:1set
2.Vacuum Hopper: 1set
3.Air Pre-heat Device
4.Metering Pump
5.360MM Spinneret
6.Electrostatic Device
7.Servo unwinding and cutting device
8.Extruder Plateform
9.Reciprocating Frame

Service After Sales:
1.Installation Video Support, and video live communication in case adjustment has small problem.
2.Free Spare Parts: Some Worn parts like
3.Whole Machine Warranty: one year


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